Create your own assignments on Google Classroom.


Classroom Plus is any student's dream. Having six different to-do lists can get annoying, and having all your stuff in the same place can make things a whole lot easier. Classroom Plus makes this possible by turning your Google Classroom to-do page into a personalized to-do list. To add an assignment, simply click the extension icon in the top right-hand corner of the window, enter in a title and a due date, and click "Create assignment." Reload the page, and your assignment will be rendered seamlessly onto the page. Assignments do not expire after due dates, and you can clear your assignments at any time.


Find Classroom Plus on the Chrome Web Store. Make sure you're using the Chrome browser. Next, click the ADD TO CHROME button in the upper right-hand corner. Select Add extension when prompted, and you're all set!


Using the Classroom Plus Chrome extension is easy as pie. To create a new assignment, click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome window. You will be presented with a menu. Enter a title and a due date, click Create Assignment, and voila! If it doesn't render right away, try reloading your page. Remember, assignments will only render on the Google Classroom To-do page! To remove an assignment, enter in a title and click Remove Assignment. You cannot remove assignments by their date. Clear assignments by, well, clicking Clear Assignments. To visit the extension page, click on Extension info, and to learn more about yours truly, click on Developer.

Let it grow

The Classroom Plus Chrome extension depends upon user support to stay afloat. Reviewing Classroom Plus takes six seconds, and you get to tell your friends that today, you made the world a better place.

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