You can use your intuitive editor to create and validate your macros with Shopify variables.

  1. Head to You will see your existing macros here. If this is the first time visiting this page, you can create a new macro by going to the new tab.

  2. Fill in the Name, Description, and Subject of the macro. Now start typing your message. You can type + any time to insert Shopify placeholders.

  3. In the Preview section, you can select an existing Shopify order and see what the rendered message looks like. Note that you need an existing Shopify store connection. If you don't have one, you can create a connection here.

  4. After verifying the message, you can optionally copy the message to the clipboard. Click the save button, and your macro is ready to go!

  5. Next step: Supported Shopify Placeholders.

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